Athyrium niponicum pictum Japanese Painted Fern

Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Ursula's Red'

Japanese Painted Fern

♦ Zones:  5 - 8     Height:  16"     Exposure:  Full Shade to Part Shade ♦

'Ursula's Red' is a popular Japanese painted fern that takes ferns to a new level with their multicolored fronds. Just when y ou thought painted ferns couldn't get any more colorful, along comes Athyrium 'Ursula's Red'.  The only one more vibrant is Athyrium 'Burgundy Lace'.  Ursula's Red has a slight weeping habit.  These ferns do not like to dry out, so keep the soil evenly moist during our summer drought. Water deeply and mulch to conserve moisture. The foliage on immature plants does not always show the silver and maroon hues. After two years, the frond's coloring will stabilize.

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