Athyrium niponicum Ghost Fern

Athyrium niponicum 'Ghost Fern'

Ghost Fern

♦ Zones:  3 - 8     Height:  24 - 36"     Exposure:  Full Shade to Part Shade ♦

An interesting cross between the Lady Fern and Japanese Painted Fern, combining the best traits of both parents. Plants form strongly upright, arching clumps of triangular leaves, with a unique grey-green tone. Excellent as a specimen, or for massing. A terrific contrast to bold-leaved plants such as Hosta. Foliage is deciduous in winter — leaves should be trimmed to the ground in late fall or early spring. Plants are easily divided in spring, ever 3 to 4 years. Plants will appreciate an evenly moist, rich soil. An organic mulch is recommended to help keep soil moist.

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