Asarum europaeum Wild Ginger

Asarum europaeum

Wild Ginger

♦ Zones:  5 - 8     Height:  6"     Exposure:  Full Shade to Part Shade ♦

Asarum europaeum spreads slowly but surely to form a handsome carpet of glossy, dark green, kidney-shaped leaves.  Plants are evergreen where winters are not too harsh.  Wild Gingers are among the great foliage plants for shade.  Their shapely leaves come in a variety of rich greens.  Some are shiny, others have exquisite texture, and a few carry striking silvery patterns.  All Wild Gingers love rich, slightly acid, organic soil with plenty of moisture, under which conditions most will spread to form distinctive ground covers of varying density. The curious, bell-shaped flowers are insignificant.

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