Astilbe thungergii False Spirea

Astilbe thungergii 'Straussenfeder'

False Spirea

♦ Zones:  3 - 8     Height:  32 - 36"     Exposure:  Full Sun to Part Shade ♦

Astilbe thungergii ‘Straussenfeder’ is one of the incredibly elegant weeping Astilbes. Rising to almost three feet in shades of hot pink, the draping plumes of this famous hybrid create a truly dramatic scene against a background of dark shade. Often called Ostrich Plume because of its dramatic draping habit.  Easy to grow, tough and hardy, Astilbes are now a mainstay in all good perennial gardens. In fact, American gardeners are in the midst of a passionate love affair with Astilbes. Native to the Far East, these beautiful plants and their hybrids have revolutionized the perennial possibilities of moist, shaded American gardens. They are companions of ferns and our favorite annuals, impatiens--one of the few flowers that make big color in full or partial shade.  These plume-flowered plants have ultra-handsome fern-like foliage, (usually dark glossy green) and stiff stems that always hold the elegant plumes aloft without any staking. Flower arrangers find the flower plumes are just as handsome in a vase as in a garden.

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