Tidwell Nurseries

About Us

Newlyweds Pierce and Virginia Tidwell founded Tidwell Nurseries in 1948. In the early days the operation encompassed everything from rooting groundcover cuttings, field production, retailing, landscaping, and maintenance. As our nursery business has grown and evolved, the experience we gained through this diversity has served us well as it has given us a much better understanding of the needs and demands of our customers. Most of all, we have learned the importance of delivering what we promise and of never disappointing the customer on the other end of the transaction.

Through the years we have narrowed our focus to become a wholesale growing operation, specializing in liriope, mondo and other widely used groundcovers. For many years, we at Tidwell Nurseries have been known throughout the industry as "The Liriope People."

We grow our own plants in our XPRESS TRAYS, which can be easily packed and shipped nationwide via FedEx and UPS at a moment's notice. We have no minimum order, no small print limiting our responsibility to you, and we do everything in our power to make your experience pleasant, hassle free, and profitable. The sale is never complete until and unless you are completely satisfied.

Only The Best

These words are displayed with our logo in our work building as a constant reminder that only the best plants will be sent to our customers. This simple philosophy answers a lot of questions about our expectations and solves a lot of problems before they happen. That is why you will not find any disclaimers or fine print limiting our responsibility to provide you with anything less than our best. And that is why you'll see the difference that special people can make when you open a box of Tidwell Nurseries plants.

Our Mission: To Make The Earth Greener, Your Job Easier

& Your Business More Profitable!!