4” Availability ships from here (GA). If we get the order in time to catch the daily  FedEx pickup, it will go out the same day.

Smaller orders will ship via FedEx Ground and will be delivered in 48 Hours or less to about half of the United States, from the East Coast to the Midwest. (Ex: Order Monday, Receive Wednesday).

Orders over 30 trays often get upgraded to LTL (palletized freight) and actually get to Ohio in 1 day! At this purchase level we get quotes from each option and go with the cheapest (or the quickest if that is a factor for the customer).

Starter Plug Availability These are shipped from Emerald Coast locations in the Florida panhandle and PA. If these orders come in mid to late week, they are usually set up to ship the following Monday. From FL it is a 2 Day Transit and from PA it is a 1 Day Transit for the majority of our customers  in the Northeast. If you would like to email your zip code we can be more specific.

Perennial Pipeline These plants are shipped out of Baltimore. These can usually ship the day AFTER the order is placed and  be in transit no more than 48 Hours to half the U.S. So worst case, ordering on Monday, probably shipping on Tuesday, and delivering on Wednesday or Thursday.

At the Baltimore location, most plants are grown in Quarts (12 / tray) and Gallons. Minimum order is only 1 Tray but for the Gallon material, small quantities do not work very well. You could get skinned alive on Freight on an order of just a few Gallons. I would think 50 or more would be a good starting place for this size.

The best part is the Great Rates we get due to our volume. This is money that you keep in your bank account every time you order.  FedEx has committed their pledge of the lowest possible rates for us, and we in turn, pass this on to you.

Notes about larger shipments that are upgraded from FedEx Ground to FedEx Freight (LTL). These deliveries work well when going to a commercial business address that has either a loading dock or skid steer for unloading purposes. Your order will be shrink wrapped on a pallet and will be delivered on a tractor trailer.

For reasons mentioned above, following is a list of situations that are not suited for LTL Delivery:

Residential neighborhoods

  1. Lots or streets where entering and exiting in a tractor trailer rig is difficult or impossible
  2. Rural locations
  3. Businesses that have no loading dock or skid steer
  4. Residential addresses
  5. Job Sites that are congested or have no loading dock or skid steer

Above all, we are committed to assume all responsibility for getting our plants into your hands, safely, economically, & efficiently. We are liable for loss or damage during transit and this liability does not end until you are in possession of your order.


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